Woodworkers Supply Matchmaker Joinery Wirth Machine for Sale

Patented in 1983 and introduced as The Wirth Machine, the Matchmaker was invented by John Wirth, the owner of Woodworkers Supply. The Wirth Machine had an integrated motor, which was replaced by a universal router mount when in 1989 the tool was re-patented and re-christened the Matchmaker. With an X-Y sliding table and a vertically moveable Z axis, this tool follows a plastic template that produces an accurate tenon, mortise, box/finger joint or dovetail.

I owned one back in the late '90s and was blown-away by its versitility.

Click link for Matchmaker Joiner Machine for Sale on eBay

FYI: A Matchmaker which included a 3hp Hitachi router recently sold on eBay for $650. They sell new from Woodworkers Supply for over $1000 without the router.

I can't believe this! The original Wirth Machine is still available from Woodworkers Supply! They are on clearance for $1699, originally selling for $2600.


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