Rockler Dovetail Jig for Sale

At first glance you'd think you were looking at the Woodstock International jig, but despite a few common elements the Rockler Dovetail jig is head and shoulders beyond the Woodstock.

Not only is this jig capable of cutting normal half blind dovetails, but with standard accessories it will cut through dovetails as well.
Optional templates are available for mini half-blind dovetails too.

One of the nicest innovations is something that used to drive me nuts with the Woodstock jig. On the Woodstock jig you have two stops on each side of the jig that must be adjusted just right in order to prevent misalignment when you assemble your joints. Rockler has added a simple one piece stop on each side that is always square and which is preset for the correct offset. That makes it almost impossible to mis-align your boards. Very slick and Rockler even has a patent pending on this innovation.

Click this link to see the Complete Dovetail Jig at Rockler

One new innovation is a slick little duct collection chute which attaches to their jig for a much cleaner shop.

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